With a perennial clear river, wonderful bird life and stunning mountain scenery, Mount Ceder has activities for every taste and level of fitness. Come to the Cederberg and enjoy the mountain scenery and the many activities Mount Ceder has to offer, or just read a book at your house and relax. In addition to the many opportunities for hiking, mountain biking and swimming on the property, we are also within driving distance to many other Cederberg attractions and various 4x4 routes.

With so much to do - just remember to stay long enough!


 Guided Activities 

The Secret Cederberg - Pristinely preserved rock formations that have been untouched for centuries are now accessible for the first time as part of a guided activity.  Click on the image above to find out about the Secret Cederberg and other guided activities.

 Mountain Biking 

 Hiking & Walks 

There are two self guided hikes on Mount Ceder.  One is a lovely hike down to the rock pool at the bottom of a seasonal waterfall and the other is a longer hike to the Viewpoint at the top of Blinkberg mountain ridge    Both hikes are well marked out and easily accessible.  

Mount Ceder has cycle routes for all tastes and skill levels. Our olive grove cycle route is an easy 6km route meandering through the olive groves and surrounding areas. Bring your own bike and enjoy this fun family activity or rent a mountain bike at reception.

 Star Gazing 

The stars are exceptional at Mount Ceder because there is no light pollution from surrounding towns or cities. The skies are clear and you can see most of the constellations.

Get your own star chart from the shop at reception and explore the heavens from your house at Mount Ceder.


The sky is alive with constellations.

 Canoeing & Swimming 

Rent a canoe from reception and spend time on the clear river pools, spotting birds and animals from the tranquillity of the canoe.

Enjoy a swim in one of the several swimming spots along the river, or cool off in the crystal clear waters of the rock pool at  the foot of a seasonal waterfall on a hot summers day.

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