Mountain Biking - unguided

Mount Ceder has cycle routes for all tastes and skill levels. Our Buttonquail cycle route is an easy 6km route meandering through the olive groves and surrounding areas. Bring your own bike and enjoy this fun family activity or rent a mountain bike at reception.

For the serious mountain biking enthusiasts there are many kilometres of gravel roads and technical rides on and around Mount Ceder. A drop off some distance away could also be arranged for a small fee, giving you the opportunity to cycle as far as you choose back to your house.

Mount Ceder is the ideal spot to do training for your next Cape Epic as you have access to high altitude trails, sand, gravel, rocks and some pretty serious climbs to get you in shape and hone your skills. Make sure you book a house with a Jacuzzi for the post ride relaxation!




For the REALLY brave at heart, you can tackle one

or more of the 7 serious mountain passes in the area: 

1. GrootrivierPass
2. Kheskop(Eselbank)Pass
3. KoubergPass
4. HoekseBergPass
5. PakhuisPass
6. NieuwoudtsPass
7. UitkykPass


Fulgaz  has created a virtual mountain bike ride through Mount Ceder.  The video below is a taste of what you can expect cycling  at Mount Ceder and the sweet taste of bubbly to celebrate the end of your cycling day !

For the FULL EXPERIENCE of the whole ride, click on this button and spend the next hour and a bit cycling through Mount Ceder in detail.