Giant's Camp

Giants Camp Tent

Tucked away in the rugged landscape of the Cederberg Mountains lies our brand-new adventure activity, Giant’s Camp!

Join our guide for a tailored hike through some of the most awe inspiring rock formations, visiting exquisite rock art sites and exploring numerous caves and arches, carrying only your light daypack with water and snacks.

Arrive at a pre setup camp, kick back, take off your boots and sip a cold glass of local Cederberg wine or beer.  Relax and enjoy the magic of the Cederberg.




Sit down at a dinner table to a delicious meal that is prepared for you by your skillful guides, have another glass of wine and gaze in wonder at the multitude of stars suddenly appearing overhead.

Have a hot shower in our innovative #shithotshowertrailer and retire to your own personal “sleeping quarters” in true Cederberg style. Connect with ancient visitors to the area while lying on white linen in your tent, looking at the stars wheeling above you.

Next morning, have a hearty breakfast and do this all over again! 

This is a unique opportunity to experience “camping” in the Cederberg, accompanied by a qualified field guide in a safe environment with your best friends or family, while not worrying about meals or any of the things that makes traditional camping a bit of a drag.

Your day’s activity is tailored to your requirements by your very own knowledgeable guide and can be as strenuous or relaxed as you may want it to be.

Take a book, take your boots, take binoculars and go! You will not regret it!

This novel activity is done only under guided supervision and is located on privately owned land in the prime wilderness area in the Southern Cederberg; a short drive from Mount Ceder.

It is an adventure that is perfect for women travelling on their own or in a group, families looking for adventure or just a group of friends.

Sleeping is in fully enclosed double swag rolls, with mozzie gauze to keep the creepy crawlies outside.   There is hot shower and flush ablution facilities.

This unique outdoor accommodation offers our “campers” the opportunity to adventure with us in a new and exciting way without the fuss of setting up camp. The camp is limited to 3 double tents with mattresses and linen, keeping it very intimate and exclusive. Bookings of minimum 4 guests, up to maximum 8 guests.

Wholesome meals are freshly prepared every day by the guides and you’ll have guided access to the primeval land once traversed by ancient visitors. 

 Minimum stay of 2 nights. Bookings must be made 7 days in advance. No 4x4 needed or allowed. Guests will be collected at Mount Ceder where vehicles will be left. All guests are taken to the camp in our 4x4 vehicle. Age limit 6 years for our mini-adventurers. 


Don’t wait one minute longer. Book your Mount Ceder Giant's Camp adventure today!

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