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Mount Ceder - Cederberg Guest Houses

The perfect weekend destination from Cape Town, Mount Ceder offers visitors a host of relaxing accommodation options and exciting activities in the Cederberg Mountains. Nestled in a valley of the Grootrivier, surrounded by rugged and dramatic mountains, Mount Ceder lies within easy reach along the main route through the Cederberg mountain range. It is a great wilderness area with majestic views, amazing spring flowers, rugged mountain bike rides, walks and hikes – perfect for the young and not-so young.

How you enjoy the beauty of Mount Ceder is up to you. Walk in the mountains with no one around, clamber over the unique rock formations or swim in the perennial river with the kids. Of course, you could also simply relax in this piece of unspoiled paradise in the luxury of your house. At the end of an activity-filled day settle down with a relaxing drink on your veranda, or enjoy a wholesome 3-course meal at the Old Mill House restaurant, accompanied by superb wines from the region.




 Guided Activities 

The Secret Cederberg - Pristinely preserved rock formations that have been untouched for centuries are now accessible for the first time as part of a guided activity.  Click on the image above to find out about the Secret Cederberg and other guided activities.

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 Mountain Biking 

Mount Ceder has cycle routes for all tastes and skill levels. Our olive grove cycle route is an easy 6km route meandering through the olive groves and surrounding areas. Bring your own bike and enjoy this fun family activity or rent a mountain bike at reception.


 Canoeing & Swimming 

Rent a canoe from reception and spend time on the clear river pools, spotting birds and animals from the tranquillity of the canoe.

Enjoy a swim in one of the several swimming spots along the river, or cool off in the crystal clear waters of the rock pool at  the foot of a seasonal waterfall on a hot summers day.

Get the full experience of a MTB ride through Mount Ceder with Fulgaz


 Hiking & Walks 

There are two self guided hikes on Mount Ceder.  One is a lovely hike down to the rock pool at the bottom of a seasonal waterfall and the other is a longer hike to the Viewpoint at the top of Blinkberg mountain ridge    Both hikes are well marked out and easily accessible.  

Mount Ceder_Star gazing_Milkyway_Activit

 Star Gazing 

The stars are exceptional at Mount Ceder because there is no light pollution from surrounding towns or cities. The skies are clear and you can see most of the constellations.  Get your own star chart from the shop at reception and explore the heavens from your house at Mount Ceder.

OUR LOCATION (32 38' 58"S I 19 24' 31"E)

Mount Ceder is only 3 hours from Cape Town and yet the Cederberg landscape is completely different from that of the Mother City. Wilder, warmer, and with raw dramatic beauty, towering mountains guarding over the valleys turn a brilliant purple and orange at sunset.

The mountain range is named after the endangered Clanwilliam Cedar tree (Widdringtonia Cedarbergensis), which is endemic to the area. The Cederberg is famous for sculptured rock formations of which some of the best examples can be seen on Mount Ceder. The Cederberg mountains extend about 50 km north to south and 20 km east to west.

The dominant characteristic of the area is sharply defined sandstone rock formations, often reddish in colour. This group of rock contain bands of shale, and in recent years, a few important fossils have been discovered in these argillaceous layers. The fossils are of primitive fish and date back 450 million years to the Ordovician Period. The summers are hot and dry, while the winters are mild with some rain and cold when snow falls on the surrounding mountains, with typical annual rainfall in the low lying areas of less than 150 mm per annum. The higher peaks receive a dusting of snow in winter. Summer days are typically clear and cloudless.

The Cederberg has an exceptional botanical diversity, being part of the Cape Floral Kingdom of South Africa. Among the twisted rock formations farmers cultivate world-famous healthy rooibos tea, endemic to the Cederberg region of South Africa.  A visit to a working rooibos farm is a delightful addition as a day trip when staying at Mount Ceder.