Mount Ceder's Top 7!

Look out on our website - for the Mount Ceder Top 7!
.. and if you can think of some more, please share them with us! Here are a few to get you started. 

At Mount Ceder you will never run out of things to do. Here is our Top 7 activities !

  1. Hike and bike on the property and enjoy all that nature has to offer
  2. Swim and canoe in the river
  3. Walking to the waterfall and to the top of the mountains
  4. Explore the area and find some ancient rock-art
  5. Discover your own fossils - but remember to leave them where you found them
  6. Harvest your own olives (in season) and pickle them at home to impress your friends
  7. Gaze at the stars and make a wish!

If you want to know about the area - here are our Top 7 Books to bring along;
  1. Flora – SA Wild Flower guide 10, Cederberg, and SA wild Flower Guide 6.
  2. Karoo; Rock art – Rock paintings in the Cederberg by Janette Deacon.
  3. Cederberg Rock Art Book3 by Peter Slingsby.
  4. Cederberg rock paintings by John Parkington.
  5. The Sky Guide Africa South the Astronomical handbook.
  6. A good and detail map of the area is the Cederberg Map by Peter Slingsby.
  7. ……………watch this space.

Our Top 7 Hikes at Mount Ceder and in the Cederberg Concervancy
  1. Waterfall walk  (Mount Ceder, spectacular in winter and  welcome swimming pool in summer)
  2. Varkkloof walk (Mount Ceder rock art)
  3. Hondverbrand (Mount Ceder, views all around)
  4. Truitjieskraal (Matjiesrivier, rock formations)
  5. Wolfberg Cracks and Arch (Dwarsrivier and Cape Nature properties)
  6. Maltese Cross (Dwarsrivier and Cape Nature properties)Disa Pool (Kromrivier)
  7. Disa Pool (Kromrivier)

    And for the REALLY brave cyclists, you can tackle one of the famous 
    Top 7 Mountain Passes in the area:
  1. 1. Grootrivier Pass 
  2. 2. Kheskop (Eselbank) Pass
  3. 3. Kouberg Pass
  4. 4. Hoek se Berg Pass
  5. 5. Pakhuis Pass
  6. 6. Nieuwoudts Pass
  7. 7. Uitkyk Pass

  8. Mount Ceder Top 7 activities in the area:
    1. Old Millhouse – Mount Ceder
    2. Seasonal Olive picking – Mount Ceder
    3. Stadsaal Caves and rock paintings
    4. Truitjieskraal rock formations and paintings
    5. Cederberg Wine Cellar
    6. Swim in and canoe on the Grootrivier – Mount Ceder
    7. Mountain biking – Mount Ceder

    Top 7 Plants and flowers to look out for:
    1. Aloe comosa
    2. Pink March lily – Brunsvigia bosmaniae (seasonal - after late summer)
    3. April fool (paintbrush lily) – Haemanthus coccineus
    4. Botterboom, Butter Tree - Tylecodon paniculatus
    5. Elephant’s foot – Dioscorea elephantipes (visit only by appointment)
    6. Spring flowers (July-September)
    7. Clanwilliam Ceder – Widdringtonia cedarbergensis (only found on the summits of the northern Cederberg between 1000m – 1700m)

    Mount Ceder offers both avid birders and amateurs a host of birds to look out for. Here are our Mount Ceder Top 7 Birds and a bonus (8)!
    1. Black Eagle
    2. Cape Eagle owl
    3. Giant Kingfisher
    4. Malachite Kingfisher
    5. Olive Thrush
    6. Mountain Chat
    7. Cape Reed Warbler
    8. Cape Batis

    Top 7 animals to look out for at Mount Ceder:

    1. Cape Leopard
    2. Caracul
    3. African Wild Cat
    4. Grey Rhebuck
    5. Klipspringer
    6. Cape Grysbok
    7. Cape Clawless Otter

    Other mammals include baboons, Shrub Hare, Porcupine, Rock Dassie, Water Mongoose, Grey Mongoose and the Small Spotted Genet.