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The Cederberg region is only 3 hours from Cape Town and yet the landscape is completely different from that of the Mother City: wilder, warmer with a raw, dramatic beauty. Towering mountains, brilliant purple and orange at sunset, preside over the valleys.

The mountain range is named after the endangered Clanwilliam Cedar (Widdringtonia cedarbergensis), which is a tree endemic to the area. The mountains are noted for dramatic rock formations and San rock art. The Cederberg mountains extend about 50 km north-south by 20 km east-west.

The dominating characteristic of the area is sharply defined sandstone rock formations (Table Mountain group), often reddish in colour. This group of rocks contains bands of shale and in recent years a few important fossils have been discovered in these argillaceous layers. 

The fossils are of primitive fish and date back 450 million years to the Ordovician Period.The summers are very hot and dry, while the winters are wetter and cold with typical annual rainfall in the low lying areas of less than 150 mm. The higher peaks receive a dusting of snow in winter. Summer days are typically clear and cloudless.

The Cederberg has an exceptional botanical diversity, being part of the Cape Floral Kingdom of South Africa, and among the twisted rock formations, farmers cultivate the world-famous healthy rooibos tea, found only in the Cederberg of South Africa. A visit to a rooibos farm is a delightful addition to a day trip from Mount Ceder.

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