Jabal al Arz Arabians were started in 2007 with the acquisition off a few mares. Jabal al Arz means "Mountain of the Cedars" and all foals born has names starting with the prefix "Arza" meaning "Cedar".  The stud is still small and only 1 or 2 foals are born every year.

Koringkloof Winar

Born 7 October 1997

Sire: Shaheer Nariadni (Maistro x Fire Passion)

Dam: Zamila Gazala (Sidi Ghazal x Sahiby Fahada)

Winar is the first arabian mare that we bought and to date she has produced 4 foals for us.

Koringkloof Indian Dawn

Born 20 September 1997

Sire:  SAF Firstaar (El Sattaar x Nezonna)
Dam:  Koringkloof Indian Pride ( Koringkloof Ruah x Quimran Tiriac)

Dawn was the second mare bought for the stud and has produced 2 filly foals.

Danven Halali

Born 27 December 1997

Sire:  Vidiko Ishar (Darius x Nourmahal Vanessa)
Dam:  Driftwood Halinda  (DA Halim x Century Hamida)

Our 3rd mare, Halali was a challenge to get in foal, but has since produced 2 foals.  She has also participated in her first 80km endurance ride at Darling, Western Cape.

FS Wanaldi

Born 15 September 2007, filly

Sire: Vivaldi Rach  (Armagnac x Vanity VF)
Dam:  HS Wanesa imp (Pilot x Wacpanna)

Wanaldi was bought from Strydom Stud as a young mare and has given birth to her first filly in November 2011.

Arza Fahkour   (Cedar Proud)

Born 13 November 2007, colt

Sire:  Met-Lus Nahaja ( out of Aurangzzeb)
Dam: Koringkloof Winar (Shaheer Nariadni x Zamila Gazala)

Fahkour was the first foal born for Jabal al Arz Arabian Stud.

He has been sold to a client in Gauteng.

Arza Amirah  (Cedar Princess)

Born 25 November 2008, filly

Sire:  Jumanji CH (FS Bengali x Last Summer Star)
Dam:  Koringkloof Winar ( Shaheer Nariadni x Zamila Gazala)

The first filly foal to be born.  Amirah gave birth to her first foal Oc

Arza Safeerah   (Cedar Ambassedor)

Born 1 October 2009, filly

Sire:  Simply Red SC (Versace x TF Saharas Ali)

Dam:  Koringkloof Indian Dawn (SAF Firstaar x Koringkloof Indian Pride)

Loverly young mare ready for training.  She is tall on her legs and have fantastic movement.  Will be an exciting ride one day.

She is for sale.

Contact:  jabal-al-arz@mountceder.co.za   

Arza Harik  (Cedar Fire)

Born 21 December 2009, colt

Sire:  MH Ahsom (Marwan al Shaqab)
Dam:  Koringkloof Winar (Shaheer Nariadni x Zamila Gazala)

We gave him his name due to the fact that when the sunlight streamed through his mane it looked like fire.  He also got the spirit to match.

Sold to Dave Metelerkamp from Geelhoutvlei Timbers.

Arza Tayishah  (Cedar Mischievious Youngster)

Born 16 August 2010, filly

Sire:  MH Ahsom (Marwan al Shaqab)
Dam: Koringkloof Indian Dawn (SAF Firstaar x Koringkloof Indian Pride)

A sweet young filly that absolutely loves attention all day long.  Will be suited for a child rider or light adult one day. Very good movement.

For sale.  Contact:  jabal-al-arz@mountceder.co.za

Arza Mukhtar   (Cedar Chosen)

Born 12 December 2010, colt

Sire:  Magic Dream CAHR (Ali Jamaal x The Dreamspinner)
Dam:  Koringkloof Winar (Shaheer Nariadni x Zamila Gazala)

A young colt that is busy growing into a beautifull stallion.

For sale.  Contact:  jabal-al-arz@mountceder.co.za

Arza Equador

Born 7 February 2011, colt

Sire:  Arza Fahkour (Met-Lus Nahaja x Koringkloof Winar)
Dam:  Danven Halali (Vidiko Ishar x Driftwood Halinda)

Arza Charisma

Born 23 November 2011, filly

Sire:  Charismatic BVA
Dam:  FS Wanaldi ( Vivaldi Rach x HS Wanesa)